Mad Minds Creative. is a growing IT Company that has been established since 2017. Years of experience has enabled our company and its people to master the art of digital marketing. Our workplaces in USA, China, Pakistan, UAE and South Korea are full of competent individuals who are genuinely committed to help our company prosper all over the globe. Our cooperative and well-learned leaders are the driving force behind the company’s success.

  • Diverse Business Units
  • Solution Based Approach
  • Committed Workforce
  • Global Clientele


MMC Ltd. is formed to serve but one purpose; to establish its name in the global technology industry and become the ruling IT Company in Pakistan.

As a team of dedicated individuals, we have constructed a vision with challenging goals; to inspire the people to give their best through complete commitment to their passion.


Our mission revolves around our prime focus; to bring a striking digital difference in the tech world.

With innovation, industriousness and integrity as our main principles, we are on a mission to stand out as the ultimate record breakers in the world of technology.

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